Gateway Terminal Equipment

Gateway Terminal owns and maintains all of our equipment that is required to run and operate our facilities. Our inventory exceeds one hundred and fifty (150) pieces of rolling stock, i.e., trucks, skidsteers, excavators, cranes, material rehandlers, fork trucks, dozers, and loaders to name a few.

With our on site maintenance facility, our professionally trained and certified mechanical staff ensures our equipment is in top working condition both on dock and off dock to guarantee maximum efficiency and 100% safe utilization at all times. Listed below is a partial equipment list.

  • 2 high-speed heavy lift FMC link belt Gantry Cranes with 120' of reach with the ability to duty cycle 50-ton lift.
  • Material re-handlers with 55' to 72' of reach.12 - 50 ton rock trucks.
  • Buckets and grapples ranging in size from 5 cubic yard to 25 cubic yard capacity.
  • 2 - 125 yard portable hoppers.
  • Loaders ranging in size from 1 cubic yards to 14 cubic yards.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: dozers, pay loaders, boom trucks, welding trucks, water trucks, fork lifts, excavators, sweepers, etc.
  • Tugs ranging in size from 2000 HP to 4600 HP.
  • Deck barges, hopper barges, and crane barges ranging in size from 1000 ton to 12,000-ton capacity.
  • Over 50 trucks consisting of tractors, asphalt trailers, flatbeds, lowboys, dump trailers, tri-axle dump trucks, fuel oil trailers, rack trucks, and bulk cement trailers to name a few.Pumps ranging in size from 1 HP to 100 HP.


Equipment for Sale

Photo gallery with descriptions coming soon. Anyone interested in doing business, or for prices and questions, please call 203-467-1997