New London State Pier



The Connecticut Port Authority is implementing a plan to improve utilization of the New London State Pier and capture Connecticut’s Offshore Wind Vision. Infrastructure improvements will be financed jointly by the Connecticut Port Authority, Ørsted & Eversource. Once construction is complete, Connecticut will continue to own State Pier and Ørsted and Eversource will enter into a ten year sublease agreement with Gateway New London.


In periods where Ørsted and Eversource are not using State Pier, the facility will be marketed to other customers to ensure maximum utilization of the State Pier.


Projected Timeline

Benefits of the New London Revitalization

We believe a modern state pier and offshore wind turbine generator hub will positively impact the local and regional economy of Connecticut, creating a long-term high value asset. Benefits include:

  • An estimated 460 direct jobs and 395 indirect & induced jobs created during the pier infrastructure improvements

  • Anticipated 400+ high-skilled long-term employment to serve the wind turbine generator operations after construction​

  • Significantly increasing vessel traffic to the New London region

  • Clean energy provided throughout the state of Connecticut